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OSCODA — The Northeast Sunrise Charter Chapter of the American Businesswomen’s Association (ABWA) enlisted the expertise of new member, Kristen Hanson, a business loan officer and residential mortgage specialist for Northland Area Federal Credit Union, to speak to the membership on “Credit Reports and Scores: What Makes Up Your Credit Score,” for its monthly membership meeting at Tait’s Bill of Fare on Feb. 8.

Hanson made a fact-filled presentation, revealing that credit scores have five elements, the principal being payment history, which makes up 35% of one’s credit score. Other elements include capacity, looking at your balance of available credit, for 30%, length of credit at 15%, accumulation of credit at 10% and mix of credit at 10%. She provided a handout for her in-person attendees.

“We are lucky to have Kris to bring this resource to our organization,” said President Annette Dennis. “Each month we strive to provide new tools for our local businesswomen. Besides our monthly speakers, our national membership also entitles each member to free and low-tuition webinars on dozens of topics from email management to hacker protection to increasing your salary, etc.”

The ABWA is a service organization dedicated to facilitating business opportunities for women. Its yearly Fashion Show supports scholarships for local graduates at all levels. An additional scholarship has been added for an Oscoda education major in honor of the life of the late former ABWA President Terri Michaelis. Besides speakers and webinars, the Chapter also reimburses members for continuing education.

For more information about the ABWA, visit its website at abwaoscoda.org or its Facebook page, ABWA Northeast Sunrise Charter Chapter, or contact Membership Chair Judy Biggers at 739-8429.


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