CreditXpert’s predictive analytics platform helps more applicants qualify for mortgages

There’s no denying that today’s home buying journey is entirely different from a decade ago. Lenders and applicants alike rely on powerful tools and technology that increase transparency and create ease, speed and convenience.

With more than 20 years of experience, CreditXpert has rolled with the punches brought on by a turbulent housing market and has excelled at adapting to the industry’s growing digital revolution and shift towards fast fintech solutions. 

The company’s predictive analytics platform not only provides lenders with the benefit of intuitive technology, it also helps more applicants qualify for mortgages. In many cases, applicants who would otherwise be turned away. 

Upon identifying an applicant’s credit potential, CreditXpert’s platform then draws upon nearly one billion credit records to outline the steps needed to reach the applicant’s target credit score. From there, lenders can work with their clients to increase credit scores and lower long-term financing costs, building trust along the way. 

However, CreditXpert isn’t just helping those with lower scores qualify for mortgages. The company’s platform is used by industry leaders and over 60,000 loan officers to increase credit score transparency, qualify more applicants, increase applicant purchasing power and lower interest rates by identifying near-term credit potential for every client. 

By offering the most competitive loan programs and rates, CreditXpert users can reduce pipeline fallout from low credit scores and retain more leads, resulting in more closed loans and increased production profit. And there are even more advantages from the applicant’s perspective. 

Applicants can save significantly thanks to CreditXpert. For instance, an applicant with an initial credit score of 640 who is looking to finance $300,000 over 30 years would qualify for an interest rate of 6.13%, making monthly payments $1,823. But if that same applicant could increase their credit score to 700 within 30 days, they could qualify for an interest rate of 5.5%, bringing their monthly payment down to $1,703. That’s a savings of $40,000 over the life of the loan. 

Helping clients save big on mortgages isn’t the only reason lenders appreciate partnering with CreditXpert. Precision analytics and easy-to-use solutions that don’t require specialized training are major reasons why lenders choose CreditXpert’s platform. 

CreditXpert brings an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability to the only key mortgage determining criteria that can be impacted in the near term, an applicant’s credit score. Mortgage lenders that use CreditXpert qualify more applicants, make more competitive offers and close more loans by helping applicants reach their full credit potential, regardless of their initial score.