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People with poor credit ratings ranging from 400-550 score almost always have their loan applications declined. However, that doesn’t mean it has to end that way. You can still get a loan for a bad credit score.

Being accepted might require extra work like paying additional charges or providing deposits on credit cards. That’s because almost 62 percent of people with poor credit scores (below 579) may become delinquent shortly.

Getting poor credit is one of the easiest things. It only takes a couple of strokes of bad luck, obtaining a lot of debt, and late monthly payments. Note that these things can occur, and you must improve that credit score when you repay those debts. Rebuilding your credit will take time and is a worthwhile process towards having favorable loan terms. However, not all is lost since there are still many platforms that offer loans on bad credit.

Before you build your credit, go through our guide of best loans for bad credit scores to find what is available for your needs. We will look at personal loans, credit cards, mortgage options, auto loans and highlight some FAQs about this topic.

List Of Top Loan Lenders For The Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit
  2. CashUSA – Top Rated For Fast Cash Loans
  3. Surge Mastercard – Fast Approval For No Credit Check Loans
  4. – Best Services For Car Loans
  5. Auto Credit Express – Low Interest Rates For Auto Loans

A personal loan is the most effective way to obtain funding, even with poor credit. The payment duration can last from a couple of months to 5 years, while the rates range from 6-36% APR. In addition, the funds can be utilized for any purpose, like consolidating debts on credit cards that always have high-interest rates.

Since personal loans are unsecured, you don’t need any collateral to be accepted. The loan is repaid via fixed monthly payments or installments. When looking for a personal loan, never look at the monthly payment. Compare the interest rates, and choose the loan with a low APR. Some of the best lenders of lenders for personal loans with bad credit include:

  • MoneyMutual – Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit Below 500
  • Surge MasterCard – Personal Loan for Credit Score Below 600
  • CashUSA – Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Read through for more information about our top options for personal loans for bad credit.

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit

MoneyMutual is one of the well-known companies that links you with more than 60 personal loan lenders offering short-term loans. Every lender has its unique requirements, terms, and origination charges. Therefore, you should pay keen attention to every one of them.

MoneyMutual provides a range of loans like installment loans, payday loans, cash advances, and loans for people with poor credit. These are called poor credit loans, and they have fewer eligibility prerequisites as compared to conventional lending institutions. The only downside about bad credit loans is that they attract high-interest rates due to the risk the borrower presents.

The most exciting news is that lending companies that work with MoneyMutual look at various aspects besides the borrower’s credit score as a way of approving or declining the loan. For instance, they might request paperwork of monthly income, like benefits obtained from the state or paystub.


Credibility: MoneyMutual is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance. This agency is a family of lenders that abide by strict laws that stop abuse, protect borrowers from fraud, and guarantee legitimacy.

Free Service: Using the MoneyMutual service is free. You won’t be asked to pay the platform anything to link you to lenders.

Eligibility: There are essential eligibility prerequisites, like having a valid checking account. That way, you will get the funds faster. Moreover, you’ll fill one pre-qualifying form that validates that you are above 18 years of age and earn more than $800 monthly.

Additionally, you need to prove your regular source of income, whether you are self-employed or full-time getting benefits. Lastly, you need to be a US resident.

Security: MoneyMutual’s website utilizes 256-bit encryption by Norton to ensure your info is secure.


  • The maximum loan is $5000
  • Cash is transferred within 24 hours
  • Easy and fast application form
  • Has more than 2 million clients


  • NY or CT clients can’t access the loan

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. CashUSA – Top Rated For Fast Cash Loans


CashUSA allows you to secure a loan from $500-$10,000 and pay it back in 90 days-72 months. It has an APR that ranges from 5.99-35.99 percent.

It requires a simple application process. Moreover, you will find many interesting and easy-to-understand financial institutions that are ideal if you want to rebuild credit.

CashUSA is a legit company that welcomes a million visitors every month. At first, while it seems like they’re asking for too much information, rest assured that it will take a few minutes, and the myriad of details you provide is to ensure you are eligible.

Rather than subjecting you to a never-ending debt cycle, they want to make sure they lend what you can pay for. After that, you’ll get offers from many lending entities in the CashUSA fraternity. You can choose the one that offers favorable terms. Read through the terms keenly; make sure you ask questions where you think you don’t understand. Call the lender and make sure they offer you all the details.


Easy Process: All you’ll need to do is fill a form. Then the platform will direct you to many lenders on the platform who will further offer you their terms and conditions. Once you agree, you’ll receive the funds in a matter of hours.

Eligibility: You begin by submitting your loan application form, which asks for your zip code, name, email, and the amount you want to borrow. You will also need to provide your phone number, address, ownership of the home, the name of your employer, and the period you’ve worked. You will also need to indicate how much you earn monthly, your driver’s license, bank account, and SSN.

The next step is to give out your bank account details, whether you own a car, your job description, and whether you get your income through regular checks or direct deposit.


  • You can get loans from $500-$10000
  • Loan approval takes only a few minutes
  • Loans sent to your checking account
  • Free process


  • This is not a direct lending company

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#3. Surge MasterCard


If you’ve been applying for a credit card but get rejected everywhere, getting the Surge MasterCard is the best solution. This credit card provides numerous advantages linked with conventional credit cards, even though the limit is somehow low. This means you won’t sink into the debt hole.

The benefits of Surge MasterCard include zero fees in liability for swindles. What does this mean? If someone makes an unofficial charge, you won’t be held accountable. Besides, the card accepts all credit types, so bad credit people shouldn’t shy away from applying. Also, you are guaranteed to get more than $300 if you are accepted, which is ideal for subprime applicants/borrowers.

This credit card is ideal for improving their credit rating by controlling a card or consumers with zero credit and would love to build some. At the same time, it doesn’t offer rewards like airline miles or points; it’s important if you want to build credit and achieve great spending power.

Nevertheless, you need to be familiar with the high annual charges during the first year of your membership. Since the APR is moderately high, it’s important you repay the balance on time and in complete amount each time. The subprime market is competitive, particularly among credit cards. Therefore, some consumers might want to check out other credit card companies like Indigo.


Fee: To offer you some insights, the yearly fee for Surge MasterCard is $75-$99. You can accumulate almost $120 of maintenance fees every month for the 2nd year. It’s important to pay it off on time since it has a high APR of 24.99-29.99 percent.

Helps Boost Credit Score: This is a legit credit card for people with poor credit. Consumers will enjoy it even more since the company reports to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis. This helps in boosting the credit score.


  • Anyone can apply, irrespective of their credit rating
  • Has a $0 vantage 3.0 score
  • It starts with a small amount from $300 up to $1000
  • Credit report submitted to credit agencies every month
  • Fast and easy application
  • Prequalifying won’t affect your credit score
  • 24/7 online account access


  • Must have a checking account
  • Higher annual charges and interest rates

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Surge Mastercard

#4. – Best Services For Car Loans


One of the things that make includes the personal loans they offer. You can get ordinary new and used car loans, and you can as well get a lease buyout and private party funding.

They consider a broad range of credit scores. Nevertheless, you need to have a minimum of 575 credit score to qualify. If you’ve had any problems with your credit previously, you might need to look for a cosigner, as this can improve your possibility for approval. It entails a fast and easy application procedure. Once you complete the application, will conduct a pull on credit and will match you with four lenders, allowing you to contrast each lender’s terms and fees.


Helps Build Credit Score: The moment you choose a lender and decide to obtain a personal loan, then the credit pull will be conducted. Even when your credit score goes down, you will still rebuild it with timely payments.

The moment you sign the lending contract, the funds will be transferred to your checking account within 24 hours.

Loan Terms: The loan can be repaid in 72 months. The minimum you can borrow is $8,000.


  • The loan can be used for refinancing, used cars, or new cars
  • Money sent within 24 hours
  • Poor credit accepted
  • Accepts lenders in the US


  • Accepts people with at least a credit score of 575

⇒ Visit the Official Website of

#5. Auto Credit Express – Low Interest Rates For Auto Loans


Do you want to buy a car, but your loan request gets declined? Then, working with Auto Credit Express is the best option. Here, you’ll find a personal loan platform determined to link lenders, dealers, and consumers to one another. This makes your dream of having a car a reality.

You need to fill the single application form on the website, and from that point, they’ll do the remaining work. Furthermore, they offer personal loans for those people with poor credit.

Traditional lending firms and dealers usually turn away individuals whose credit is not good. This might leave you unsure of where to get the loan. Auto Credit Express will link you with lenders who deal with subprime financing and auto loans.

You can shop at Auto Credit Express even when bankruptcy is hanging on your neck. While many lending companies turn away people with bankruptcy, this company is different. You are sure to find a leader who can help you solve your financial woes. That way, you will rebuild your credit score by paying on time, and owning a car will make it easy to work or take more jobs to pay the loan faster.


A Network of Lenders: The team will match you with the best dealers and lenders for your financial conditions. The site works with more than 1000 dealers and lending institutions to offer you many options. The moment you complete the application, you will work with a representative from the site to help you choose the best alternative.

Easy Application Process: On top of that, the loan application is easy and fast for loan proceeds. Like other lenders we have highlighted here, you will be provided with basic information such as SSN if you rent or own a home, employment and income details, and your name/address.


  • Almost $1billion of poor credit car loans
  • Two decades of experience
  • Prequalifying is fast
  • Bad credit/bankruptcy accepted


  • Minimum monthly income of $1500, which is high for some people

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Auto Credit Express


This is yet another good personal loan leading website that is ideal for people with bad credit. The company accepts people from all the credit continuum. So, rest assured they will find something favorable for you.

Furthermore, applying for a loan is simple, as you head to their site and hand in your application form. You’ll wait for a while, then a loan advisor will call you.

Generally, you are in safe hands if you choose to work with this company since they’ve assisted more than 6 million people for more than three decades. Furthermore, they focus on subprime lending. You’ll feel at home the moment you browse through the website, as they flagrantly state it’s OK if you have previous credit issues or bankruptcy.


Eligibility Criteria: Their least monthly earning prerequisite is $1600. Therefore, ensure you meet this criterion before applying.

Auto Loan Service Tips: Another benefit of is that they have a lot of resources for people who want a car and want to build their credit score as well. Besides, they have insightful car buying advice and tips sections that help you make informed decisions about bargaining the price for the car when you’ve found a dealership.

For instance, the website discusses the tricks of sales individuals trying to make you focus on the lower monthly installment rather than looking at the interest and amount of loan. The expert’s advice will help you understand the total cost of the loan, including the interest and the loan.

User-Friendly Platform: These are experts who specialize in loaning people with poor credit. Take it as having an assistant to guide you through and get funding. The service is free of charge.


  • Free application with no obligation
  • Many people are helped each day
  • No origination or application fee
  • Same-day approval
  • Specialize in divorce, bankruptcy, subprime, and a first-time borrower


  • Has the highest minimum monthly earning requirement

⇒ Visit the Official Website of

#7. Credit Loan

You can only apply for a single active loan when using this network. Therefore, if you have already applied for a loan that you are servicing, don’t expect to get another one. The company has been in the field for more than 20 years, and they work in a transparent way.

They offer tips on what to do to increase the chances of personal loan approval. For instance, they will advise you to ask for the loan amount you require, get a cosigner, apply for a single loan at a given time and pay the debts in time. Also, have your supporting paperwork like tax returns and pay stubs ready.


Extra Services: They have a section meant for those people with poor credit scores, and they are extremely welcoming. You’ll find a video with details about bad credit and provides tips to help you rebuild it.

Easy Process: You start the process by submitting your details on their website. They will get you a lender who offers small amounts of unsecured personal loans. Head to the lender’s website and head the terms and conditions. Accept the offer once you read and understand the terms. After that, the money will get to your account within 24 hours.

No Charge and User-Friendly Site: The services are offered free of charge, so don’t hesitate to visit their site to check the type of personal loans available. Their site is well built and easier to navigate. All questions you might think of while requesting the unsecured loan are listed on the website.


  • $250-$5000 loans provide
  • Money sent to your bank account
  • Many clients have used this service since 1998
  • Poor credit accepted
  • Money sent within 24 hours


  • Bad credit might get a smaller loan amount

#8. Indigo

This is a sound credit card that can help you build or fix your credit. It sends your credit report to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. This is good since the agencies are used in computing someone’s credit rating.

Like any credit card or other personal loan, having a clean payment history is essential for creating a good credit score. Therefore, you will qualify for a good credit card provided you make the payment on time.

You may not incur an annual fee depending on your creditworthiness. However, if you have poor credit, you might own a yearly, continuous fee of $59-$99. But the annual fee is reduced to $75 for new cardholders.

You can pre-qualify without any effect on your credit rating. It’s a perfect way to find out if you can qualify for the loan before doing a hard pull on your credit score. Once you are preapproved, you may want to submit a complete application, which will result in you making the hard pull.

Generally, this card is good since it’s attractive and easy to obtain. However, the lower limit implies that having a higher credit utilization ratio is easy, which might affect your credit, even though you are striving to build it.


Fee: The yearly fee has an APR of $23.9 percent, which is for poor credit fee cards. Like with Surge MasterCard, you will be paying the balance in full amount every month since having a balance with Indigo is expensive.

Rebuild the Credit: The platform gives you an excellent opportunity to rebuild the credit and raise your credit score,


  • Prequalifying is simple
  • Fast response
  • No collateral required
  • 24/7 online availability
  • Approves those with poor credit


How We Made This List Of The Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Finding the right personal loan can be a daunting experience. For this reason, you need to be careful and make sure you do some research. Before choosing a personal loan for bad credit, consider things like rates and how fast you can access the cash.

For that reason, we decided to highlight different types of bad credit personal loans and review each of them. So, we have researched and analyzed each loan to assist you in making a well-versed decision.

We decided to create a detailed review that includes company features, pros and cons, and how to choose the best loan.

What We Looked For

When we were researching personal loans options, we assessed the service providers based on criteria. Here are some of the things we used to cancel out unreliable lenders from our list.

  • Credibility: We first checked the lender’s credibility to begin the procedure. We choose legit companies that have been in the industry for many years. So, we verified their authenticity while browsing through different sources online.
  • Loan Patterns: We evaluated the personal loan company’s data to learn more about their opportunistic foreclosures. We use the data to understand the difference among loan providers.
  • Customer Experience: While going through client reviews online, we look at various things. These include the grace period, origination fee, interest rate, late payment charges, application fees, security, and repayment terms.

That way, we picked the best bad credit loans in the market for you to make a decision. We have preferred cheapest fees and best interest rates.

Buying Guide: How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

Getting accepted for a personal loan with a poor credit score can be challenging. However, there are effective ways to improve your chances of getting accepted for a loan faster.

Even though the chances of getting accepted for a personal loan with bad credit are slim, you can increase your chances by having a cosigner with stellar credit. Together with your cosigner, there are high chances you will get accepted for the personal loan. This is because the lender is confident that either you or your cosigner will repay the loan on time.

If you want to be accepted for a personal loan fast, or if your application has been declined before, the best option is to apply for a secured personal loan. The lender will accept your application since there is security tied to the secured loan like a car or house. Nevertheless, the property you bind as collateral will be seized if you fail to pay the loan.

  • Consider Peer-To-Peer Lending

Do you want to avoid the long process of getting approved for a traditional loan from a credit union or bank? Then you might consider peer-to-peer lending. This is an online lending service that connects the lender and the borrower. Lenders are businesses or individuals. Even there this option has many benefits, bear in mind that they might have high rates.

  • Improve Your Credit Rating

Try to improve your credit rating to the high tier before requesting a loan. This alternative might only be possible if you are not urgent to secure the loan. You can boost your minimum credit score by paying your bills on time, reducing expenses, and closing old credit cards.

Personal Loans with Bad Credit Score: FAQs

Q1. How can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

Qualifying for a traditional loan with poor credit can be hard. Nevertheless, alternative sources of secured loans and unsecured loans are designed for subprime borrowers. The effective way to get this type of loan is through using online lender matching services.

A poor credit lender matching company works with a collection of direct lenders that have vast experience working with subprime borrowers. In this case, you pre-qualify for a personal loan by filling a form on the website.

Typically, the prequalification prerequisites are restricted to the following:

  • You must be above 18
  • You must be a resident or citizen of the US with an SSN
  • Specific income or benefits
  • Must have a checking account
  • Must have an email address, social security number, bank account details, and phone number

Q2. How do I choose the best loan company for your bad credit?

If you seek unmatched convenience in obtaining a personal loan with bad credit, you opt for CashUSA, MoneyMutual, or Credit Loan. These companies will match your loan request needs to lenders in their extensive networks.

Remember that these companies don’t provide loans directly. However, they are good at connecting you with the right lending companies with vast experience working with poor credit clients. They offer these services free of charge, and once the lenders approve your loan request, you will get the money within 24 hours.

You may consider refinancing your home or car to get instant cash. You can transform your equity into money, and you can get favorable terms. Auto credit express is ideal for this arrangement since it’s perfect at assisting subprime consumers in locating a lender who is ready to offer you a refinance loan, no matter your poor credit.

If you want to refinance your home and you qualify for an FHA loan, make sure you check out the FHA rate guideline. They have lending companies that can accommodate borrowers with poor credit. Additionally, veterans and active military can also get good cash to refinance loans using VA-sponsored home loan programs.

Q3. How can I improve your credit score for a personal loan?

The steps to help you rebuild your credit rating will significantly depend on the condition of your credit. However, some steps can apply in any situation. They include:

Building Your Credit File

Open new accounts that will be reported to the three credit bureaus. Many card providers and lenders report to the three agencies. You cannot lay down an impressive track record as a debtor until you open accounts in your name. Therefore, having many credit accounts will help you improve your credit score.

Never Miss Payments

Payment history is an important aspect when defining your credit score. It’s vital to have a good history of timely payments as this will assist you in attaining a stellar credit rating. So, ensure you don’t miss any credit card or loan payments.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Ignoring to pay the bills on time is the quickest way to hurt your credit score since 35 percent of it stems from the payment history. The majority of lenders will report late payments of more than 90 days.

Pay Off Your Debts

Thirty percent of your credit score derives from the amount you owe. Your credit score will be affected if you use debt to the point that you become financially overextended and then you need debt consolidation. Some of the warning signs are huge amounts of debts in accounts, huge outstanding debt, installment loan amounts, and many credit cards.

Q4. Are bad credit loans a smart idea?

Personal loans with bad credit are costly. Nevertheless, they can be helpful in situations where you need access to instant cash but you have issues with your credit rating. It’s important to secure bad credit loans when you really need those funds and ensure you make payments on time. Pay off the loan in full, as this can assist you in rebuilding your credit.

Q5. How bad is my credit rating?

Using the FICO 8 scoring technique, credit scores range from 300-850. Anything below 500 is a very poor score. 99% of people have a score of above 500. Additionally, 16 percent of clients have a score ranging from 300-579.

  • 300-579 very poor
  • 580-669 fair
  • 670-739 good
  • 740-799 very good
  • 800-850 exceptional

Experian claims that more than 50 percent of consumers with very poor scores will likely repay the loan by over 90 days. Furthermore, 19 percent of clients with 500 credit scores have extended the date for more than 30 days in the last ten years. Also, consumers with a 500 score tend to have a card debt of $2700. This group has a credit utilization rate (CUR) of 113 percent on average.

Q6. What is the least credit I get accepted if I have poor credit?

Getting a store credit card is easy. For those cards reviewed in this post, surge MasterCard is the simplest to get. This is because it accepts all types of credit, has a modest spending limit, and the credit is ideal for consumers with poor credit.

Surge MasterCard and Indigo are for people with poor credit. While they accept bad credit applicants with a score of 500-550, they have high origination fees. The cards are good since they offer borrowers a chance to own an actual card and use the purchasing power when needed. If you are traveling, you can utilize the card in any place provided they accept MasterCard. Credit cards offer the benefits you get with ordinary cards like fraud protection.

Bad Credit Personal Loans: Conclusion

In our review of the best personal loans and credit cards for people with poor credit scores, we’ve chosen the top pics for auto loans, personal loans, and home loans.

Irrespective of your credit history, you can rebuild your score with various techniques. Your enticement could be available access to affordable loans and the capability to take advantage of the slick-looking and high reward credit cards. Additionally, imagine the confidence boost you’ll get after improving your life by repaying all your debts.


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