An introduction to accessory dwelling units (ADU)

According to Zillow, several states have adopted new laws and now offer incentives to promote development and entice homeowners to build ADUs on their properties. If ADUs are legal in your neighborhood, you may consider a home renovation loan. This type of financing lets you consolidate the cost to buy a home or refinance with estimated ADU construction costs. Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation mortgage guidelines allow detached accessory units from the primary dwelling. Any type of renovation is eligible, as long as it’s permanently affixed to the property. Renovations should be completed within twelve months from the date the loan is delivered.

Does an ADU add value to your home?

Home improvement projects such as updating your kitchen, adding a bathroom and installing energy-efficient windows may increase how much your home is worth. Building an ADU on your property can be another great way to add value. “When you start adding square footage, you start adding real value to your home. In some markets, the cost for adding square footage is half the price of a home’s per square footage sale price,” explains Danny Fitzpatrick, Guild Mortgage Renovation Branch Manager.
Increased property value is one reason homeowners choose to build ADUs. Consider these other benefits for homeowners:

  • 1. Generate additional income

    By renting an accessory dwelling unit to a paying tenant, you’ll be adding long-term passive income for your family.

  • 2. Keep family close

    Whether caring for an aging parent or supporting kids, granny flats are ideal for multi-generational living. They give family members independence and privacy along with the security of living near one another.

  • 3. A work-from-home option

    If you’re tired of your cramped kitchen or bedroom and want an office to call your own, ADUs offer flexible space.

  • 4. More affordable to build

    Because they’re built on the same land as your home, they don’t require paying for new land and make efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Does adding an ADU increase property taxes?

Adding an ADU may increase your property taxes because it can add value to your property. The real estate resource Millionacres recommends reaching out to your county assessor’s office in advance of building to determine your tax liability. In addition, you should consult an accountant or tax advisor to discuss your specific situation.
Are you ready to learn more about financing an ADU? Connect with a renovation loan specialist in your area to find the right loan for you.


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