Jumbo Reverse Mortgages In Florida

Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company Announces New Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Availability

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With Reverse Mortgages in Florida gaining in popularity, the market has opened for loan amounts above standard HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) norms. For those with properties of higher value that may be limited by a traditional HECM, Jumbo Reverse Mortgages are now available, with loan amounts available in excess of $4 Million Dollars. What’s more, these Jumbo Reverse Mortgage loans offered by Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company are available to those 55 and up, lowering the entry barrier by several years.

“Florida is home to quite a few high-worth properties whose owners fall into the eligibility requirements for a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage. We aim to be the number one option for a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage in Florida by offering the most competitive proprietary reverse mortgage products in the state” said Brian Correa, President of Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company.

In addition, these proprietary reverse mortgages have no monthly MIP or upfront mortgage insurance premiums, includes a Jumbo Reverse Line Of Credit option, and can be custom priced based on the borrower’s wishes, making this a terrific vehicle for leveraging a high-worth primary residence and accessing larger amounts of tax-free cash, all without a monthly mortgage payment.

Mr. Correa continues: “Jumbo Reverse Mortgages offer these homeowners a unique way to access larger amounts of tax-free cash. Often the cash is a bridge to help unwind other ventures and investments and prepare for a smoother retirement. Being able to offer multiple Jumbo Reverse products with loan amounts up to and over $4 million dollars helps us offer some very unique tools to these homeowners”

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About Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company:

Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company is a boutique mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in reverse mortgages, and caters to the Florida market exclusively. Dedicated to providing reverse mortgage products to senior homeowners 55 and up, Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage is community driven and locally focused.

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