MAXEX Releases Non-QM Program for Mortgage Originators

MAXEX, a digital mortgage exchange, has launched new programs designed to meet the needs of originators and loan buyers in the growing non-QM lending market. MAXEX’s multi-buyer to multi-seller platform provides liquidity by enabling originators to access multiple leading buyers through a single counterparty.

MAXEX will deliver non-QM liquidity with daily flow trading, setting guidelines and competitive daily pricing on individual whole loans. In addition, it will include forward trading with agreements to sell loan pools at a future date with pre-negotiated terms and pricing as well as bulk trading with the ability to sell closed loan pools to one or more buyers in a single transaction.

“Access to reliable liquidity is critical to the growth of non-QM lending, which serves the growing number of gig economy workers, business owners and other underserved creditworthy borrowers with non-traditional income documentation,” states Brennan Walters, chief revenue officer at MAXEX. “The growth of this fragmented market requires standardization to meet the long term needs of the consumer and the industry. MAXEX is committed to providing that, just as we have for jumbo loans.”