Ferrari Lending’s New DSCR Loan Service Available in More Than 40 States

Florida mortgage broker introduces option that allows for cross-state lending

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 26, 2022 / — Ferrari Lending is thrilled to announce a new DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan service option that allows for cross-state loaning in over 40 states. The DSCR loan is, by definition, versatile. As opposed to more common and basic loans that Ferrari Lending only offers in Florida, like USDA, FHA and VA, the DSCR can pass through state lines.

“We are more than just a numbers and books place. We are people who care about people,” said CEO Alexandre Ferrari. “Our services impact people’s lives in profound ways. Our goal is to have a system in place to help everyone. Ferrari Lending specializes in helping foreign nationals as well, because they can’t easily obtain loans.”

The company takes a more egalitarian approach to the field of mortgage brokering and centers itself as a non-QM loan brokerage. The great benefit of a non-QM loan is that it grants buyers with low credit scores the ability to obtain a loan to purchase a property. A non-QM loan also has a lower bar for proof of income, enabling even more to pass over it.

A DSCR is a formula used to determine the ratio of the annual gross rental or property income divided by the debt obligations on the property. The sum of the debt obligation is reached by totaling the principle, interest, property taxes and insurance. Some debt obligations totals might include HOA.

Combining the non-QM strategy with their newest addition, the DSCR loan, Ferrari Lending has produced an all-around solution for borrowers. Aside from the added versatility in a DSCR loan, there is a benefit that comes along with this innovative solution. A DSCR loan does not need tax or personal income documents to verify anything before approval is granted. These formulas allow a borrower to borrow money without jumping through too many rings of fire.

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